The Field

Our rugby community has also realized their dream of purchasing property to build a complex dedicated to rugby. We currently own 14 acres just North of Downtown off Nichols Rd. The goal of this campaign is to raise funds to build a dedicated facility to promote and harbor the sport and culture of rugby in our community. We are very excited to build and maintain the kind of playing facility that will push the limits of rugby success both on and off the field in Kalamazoo. 


The Kalamazoo Rugby Football Club prides itself in camraderie, teamwork and dedication. Through the years the team has lost and gained many players. At the same time the club has never lost its roots or love for the game. As a team in whole, we are fired up and ready to play quality rugby, although, that doesnt mean we don't know how to have a good time.

Back in 1988, in the southwest of our state,
When all we did was drown ourselves in beer,
We revived an ancient game, gave ourselves a canine name,
And gave new meaning to the words "Instilling Fear!"

We're the Orange & Black, we know only to attack,
We're a team that won't back down or give a yard!
You can't stop us breaking through, we'll beat the hell right out of you,
We play it rough, we play it tough, we play it hard!

For it's rapite fortius, rapite citius*,
Playing for the brave and the true!
We built this club on pride, we've all got it deep inside,
We're the Dogs from Kalamazoo, we're the Dogs from Kalamazoo!

*Latin "strike hard, strike fast"

Club Song



Listed herein are the winners of the KRFC's Annual Awards since 1995. The names on the "Official Awards" are also kept on plaques at the Up & Under. The names on the "Unofficial Awards" live on in infamy & legend.


A-Side Most Valuable Player
2011 Adam Dudycha
2010 Bob Greene
2009 Isaac Pedelte
2008 Todd Pfost
2007 Justin Peart and Jake Akert (joint winners.)
2006 Andy Gyorkos
2005 Adam Dudycha and Andy Gyorkos (joint winners.)
2004 Jason Host
2003 Neville Williams
2002 Jeff Mohney
2001 Richard Gould
2000 Donny Angel
1999 Sandey Slevatz
1998 Sandey Slevatz
1997 Sandey Slevatz
1996 Bob Lewis
1995 Sandey Slevatz

Utility Player of the Year
2011 Richard Gould
2010 Tim Minor
2009 John Leite
2008 Chris King
2006 Brian McLogan
2005 Eric Paul
2004 Dave Stemple
2003 Matt O'Grady
2002 Troy Dorstewitz
2001 Nat O’Reilly
2000 Manuel Bohannon
1999 Bill Campbell
1998 Bill Campbell
1997 Ray Van Uum
1996 Dave Beecher
1995 Pablo Zambrano

Most Improved Player
2011 Jeff Baggens
2010 John Leite
2009 Bob Greene
2008 Bobby Robinette
2007 Rich Dama
2006 Brandon Sparks and Jake Akert
2005 Chris King
2004 Adam Dudycha
2003 Jon Niznak
2002 Brad Ball
2001 Jeff Mohney
2000 Charlie Gibbons
1999 Rob Moreno
1998 Chris Moreno
1997 Brad Zube
1996 Gary Cooper
1995 Mike Gillen

Club Man of the Year
2011 Jeff Mohney
2010 Jeff Mohney & Andy Gyorkos
2009 Chris Yeck
2008 Tim Britain
2007 Jason McGrail
2006 Andrew Gyorkos
2005 Mark Allen
2004 Sandey Slevatz
2003 Sandey Slevatz
2002 Heinz Schroeder
2001 Doug Sleight
2000 Mark Allen
1999 Ray Van Uum
1998 Colin Knight
1997 Nigel Bramwell
1996 Tim Palmer
1995 Mark Allen



Socialite of the Year
2011 Jeff Baggens
2010 Chris Yeck
2009 Jeff Mohney
2008 Chris Yeck
2007 Matt McCloud
2006 Jason McGrail
2005 Jason McGrail
2004 B.A.
2003 B.A.
2002 Jason McGrail Rob Moreno
2001 Jason McGrail
2000 Jason McGrail
1999 Jason McGrail Rob Moreno
1998 Jason McGrail Ben Wendt
1997 Raul Garcia
1996 Scott Coburn
1995 Scott Coburn

Wanker of the Year
2011 Brian Kovacik
2010 Arnold Sibanda
2009 Brian Kovacik
2008 Jesse Frank-Rose
2007 Ray Ray Van Uum
2006 Waylon Sanford
2005 B.A.
2004 Brian Kovacik
2003 Brian Kovacik
2002 Nick Petrillo (JT)
2001 Brian Kovacik (Windy)
2000 Mike Gillen
1999 Brian Kovacik (Windy)
1998 Brian Kovacik (Windy)
1997 Brian Kovacik (Windy)
1996 Brian Kovacik (Windy)
1995 Slippery

"Doug Sleight" Commitment Award
2011 Jesse Frank-Rose
2010 Isaac Pedelte
2009 Jason McGrail
2008 Adam Dudycha
2007 Bobby Robinette
2006 John Mayer
2005 B.A.
2004 Mike Gillen
2003 Mike Gillen
2002 Mike Gillen
2001 Matt Kaemming
2000 Doug Sleight Mike Gillen
1999 Pablo Zambrano
1998 Doug Sleight
1997 Dave Beecher
1996 Brian Kovacik (Windy)
1995 Brian Kovacik (Windy)

"Tim Cravens" Exhibitionism Award
2011 Dwight Wood
2010 Jake Akert
2009 Troy Dorstewitz
2008 Ryan Proux
2007 Justin Peart
2006 Jake Akert
2005 Andy Gyorkos
2004 Jeff "Sparky" Putt
2003 Tim Cravens
2002 Tim Cravens
2001 Jason McGrail
2000 Lon Pschigoda
1999 Jason McGrail Matt Kaemming
1998 Jason McGrail Rob Moreno
1997 Jason McGrail
1996 Jason McGrail
1995 Ty Wade